Sometimes when I list a home, I need to give advice that the homeowner and/or the neighborhood might not be to keen on. For instance, in older neighborhoods there are older trees. Older trees become fixtures in some neighborhoods. But older trees can start to look a bit shabby. They aren’t quite dead, just having a bad couple of years. There is a debate on whether or not these big trees will recover and if so, how long will it be before they are the beauties they used to be. In the meantime, people must sell their homes and to do so, need to have it’s curb appeal top notch. It is controversial for me to suggest that the tree, experiencing a few bad years, has become an eyesore and is hurting the curb appeal of the home. But, you can see from the photos below, that it makes a difference. The point of this “Homework” is that, some decisions are hard when trying to get your home ready for sale. But those hard choices can make a dramatic difference. And it could be that difference that makes the sale successful. I love trees and never want to see one taken down; But, sometimes, for the good of the home and the neighborhood, it’s time.


vrain viger


no trees

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