Homework Assignment

We have discussed first impressions in the past, but one strong component of that is smell. Get it? Strong? 

Seriously, smell can, and will, ruin a sale. It has been my experience (and in over 20 years of experience, I’ve smelled it all!) that cigarette smoke is the number one scent that ruins a sale, followed closely by cats.
Albeit, not easy to accomplish, it’s easy for me to tell you to quit smoking, it’s another thing for me to tell you to quit the cat! Heres what I suggest, move the smoking out doors completely during the period of time that you are trying to sell the home, and if you have a tabby, clean the litter every day. No joke here, every day. Pain? Yes. Effective? Yes.
After you have made these changes, I recommend looking into an ozone spray that sanitizes the air without masking it. Simply spraying a ton of air freshener into the air is like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s simply masked, not fixed. Baking soda in the litter helps as well.
Smell has been proven to be the most influential sense that we humans possess. Don’t lose a sale of a great house by offending the noses of your potential buyers.Image
Something to consider for today’s “Homework”
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3 Responses to Homework Assignment

  1. I read an article that mentioned how smell can really influence a potential buyer’s decision. It’s interesting how seemingly minor factors (such as color and smell) can influence one’s perception of a space.

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