The “Credit Repaireds” are the New First Time Homebuyers

The Great Recession, The Bubble, The Whatever it was called was rough! Many of us got in too deep and paid a price for it in one way or another. Some were able to weather the storm better than others and some are still marred down in it. Look, we all have our weaknesses. I have not been immune to it at all. I overspent on cars and luxuries and vacations. So, when the bottom fell out, I paid the price. My credit score will prove it. I bought my homes well and am happy to be able to say that the one I live in and the two investment homes are all still mine. In fact, because of the downturn, I have been able to afford to add a third investment home. But I sure lost a lot of other things along the way. I overextended on credit cards and lines of credit. I had to figure out ways to work out deals with those creditors and move on. My credit score took a beating. The point is, my life is back to normal again. I learned a lot and have a brand new outlook on investments and large purchases. I’m wiser. More so, I’m back!

The reason I tell you my story is so that you know that I know what it is like to be in that dark place. You feel like you don’t have a chance on earth to get back. You feel like you are the only one facing this problem. Heck, I could have said, “I have a friend that had horrible credit problems…” But, I think it makes sense to face it and realize that I was not the only one struggling out there. We all are effected by this today. Whether it really is a friend that you know, or a family member or yourself. We know someone, believe me. There can’t be this much news of bankruptcies, foreclosures and short sales without a few credit scores getting dinged up. So, let’s fix it. Fix your friend, fix your family member, fix yourself. You can get your pride back. I did!

Credit repair is going to be a major part of Americans lives for the next few years. We have all seen and heard of the foreclosures and short sales that have recently taken place in the market. Most of these transactions involved well educated, well meaning folks that just got a bit over their heads. They still have great jobs or the ability to gain employment. They still have aspirations of homeownership. They still want to raise their families in a home that the own. They still have great pride in themselves. They will be back!

That brings me to my earlier point. The Credit Repaired are the new First Time Homebuyers. They are coming back and they will have a new outlook on the market. Wiser, but wary. The deals are out there and they want to pounce, but first they need to repair the damage of the past few years. It can be done. I know the right people. I am driven to help. I won’t lie to you, I have a dog in this hunt. I am a real estate broker, I sell homes, I need strong buyers back in the market, I want to see Americans back on their feet again! I would love to see these players back in the game!

Let me know if you want me to get you or “a friend of yours” going in the right direction. email me.

About Jeff Hansen, Realtor in Colorado

Search for homes here; for FREE. Licensed Real Estate broker with RE/MAX Professionals at 10135 W. San Juan Way, Littleton, Colorado 80127. I have been a Realtor Since 1992 and provide Free Real Estate Advice Realtor in Littleton, Colorado and the Metro Denver Area, A Real Estate investment company focusing on the buyers and sellers of homes, also including fix and flips and rental properties, Listings and all sales of realty. (303)794-4530 Disclaimer I will not receive any compensation or take on any liability because of any conversation on this or any related web page w/o any written brokerage agreement. And there will be no relationship actual or implied because of any conversation on this or similar pages. No written agreement, therefore. AND Differ from state to state, so check your state's rules.
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