Why Colorado? My question to you is, Why not?

A Harris poll from September of 2010 showed that Colorado is the best place to live. Well, Actually the fourth best place to live. But, when you are behind California, Hawaii and Florida, three major destination states, it really is like being in first place. When it came to retirees, we rank 2nd overall! Sounds like a great place to live. It is, I should know, I’ve lived here for 41+ years.

Colorado boasts over 300 days of sunshine, few other states can claim that. Yeah, it gets cold from time to time. we saw below zero temps for a whole day and a half in the last what, 3 years? It’s true… I’m no meteorologist, but that sounds pretty great. How about views? We got ’em. There are views of the Rocky Mountains from just about every place in the Metro Denver Area. From the buildings downtown to the golf courses all over the place, from the rivers and lakes to the plains out east, you cannot get away from the mountain views. My home has a mountain view, but that is really not saying much, I have to say, most of the homes in Metro Denver have a mountain view! And what are mountains good for other than views? Camping, hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, hunting, hang gliding from, and oh yeah, skiing. There are approximately 35 ski resorts in Colorado, with the most well known being Aspen and Vail. Heck, if any state had just Aspen and Vail, that state would be a world class skiing state! We’ve got both and 33 more!

Because of all of the outdoor activities in the summer and winter, most Coloradans are health conscious. Mississippi ranks as the state with the highest rate of adult obesity at 32.5%. It also had the highest rate of overweight and obese children at 44.4%. Alabama is next with 31.2% of obese adults. Colorado comes in as the leanest state, with 18.9% of obese adults.

I have great pride in my home state of Colorado, but I believe that I have good reason to be proud, come check it out. Who knows? Maybe you won’t ever leave. Here is a true story of how I became a Coloradan and how I am not an Iowan, like my older sister, Kim. After Kim was born, my parents brought her to Colorado for a camping trip. My parents were both Iowa natives and proud of their state. They brought Kim to Colorado to see the  Rocky Mountains and they were forever changed. Spending less than a week in the incredible Rockies, they couldn’t see themselves living anywhere else in the world. They went home and packed up the trailer and headed west. Lived In Colorado ever since! My sister Kari and I were born soon after and we are proud 1st generation Coloradans raising our our 2nd generation Coloradans with our native Coloradan significant others! My dad jokes that he came to Colorado with “a buck, thirty eight” in his pocket. He ran a business for decades and then sold real estate for a few decades more, 34 years to be exact, and retired a Coloradan. We all suspect that he had a bit more than “a buck thirty eight” in his pocket, but I got to say, it could’t have been much more than that. He was self made, and he owes it all to what Colorado has to offer.

About Jeff Hansen, Realtor in Colorado

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